Fire Hydrant and Hose Reel Testing

To safeguard your company and keep your premises ready for fire emergencies, our fire safety specialists in the Brisbane and South East Queensland region provide thorough testing, inspection, and preventative maintenance services for fire hydrants and hose reels, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.

Fire Hose Reel

What Are Fire Hydrants And Hose Reels?

Fire hydrants and hose reels are an essential part of fire safety measures. They provide the first line of defence to prevent fires growing and spreading, providing a strong jet of water to douse flames.

Fire hydrants can commonly be found underground on either a road or pathway outside properties. They are a mains water valve that allows fire services and authorised users to connect to a controlled supply of water and respond to fire emergencies.

Fire hose reels are found in buildings and are used for short-range fire fighting. They can be used by first responders and the general public to bring small fires under control before they spread. They are permanently connected to the water supply within the building and are designed to be easy to operate.

Businesses and commercial buildings across Brisbane require fire hose reel and hydrants to be properly tested and maintained to ensure safety and compliance.

Why choose Brisbane Fire Services?

Fire Prevention

Fire safety compliance is a critical part of running a business. Brisbane Fire Services ensures that your fire hydrants and hose reels are tested and fully compliant with Queensland building and workplace requirements.

Fire Compliance

Our specialist team knows everything there is to know about fire safety. We have extensive experience helping Brisbane businesses maintain fire safety compliance, with all of our technicians fully qualified and accredited in Australian fire safety standards.

Fire Safety Management

Fire safety equipment will help protect your staff, customers, and property in the event of a fire. As a business owner, you need to ensure that you have the right equipment and are prepared to respond to emergency situations.

Fire Hydrant And Hose Reel Australian Standards

Our services for hydrants and hose reels includes inspection, testing & preventative maintenance to Australian Standards 1851-2012.

​​These requirements stipulate:

Six (6) monthly inspections of hydrants and hose reels to assess for damage and that the hydrant/hose reel is clear of obstructions.
The correct placement and quality of hose reels to ensure that they will be effective for short-range fire fighting.

Brisbane Fire Services are approved to complete the following services in accordance with QBCC:

  • Install and maintain portable fire fighting appliances.
  • Maintain, but not including inspecting and testing, fire hose reel systems downstream of the point of attachment of the fire hose to the drum.
  • Inspect and test unpumped fire hose reel systems.
  • Inspect and test unpumped fire hydrant systems, restricted to carrying out the tasks mentioned in the 6–monthly fire hydrant service schedules under AS 1851.
  • Inspect and test portable fire fighting appliances.

The scope of work for licensees who transitioned from the 'fire hydrants and hose reels - inspect and test' licence class also temporarily includes, until 31 October 2021, the former scope of work (inspect and test of fire hydrants and hose reels). From 1 November 2021, licensees will require an additional class to perform the full scope of work contained in the former class.

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