Emergency and Exit Light Inspections

We supply, install and provide routine testing for emergency and exit lights across Brisbane and the South East. We ensure your systems are operational and compliant so you can rely on your safety lighting when you need it most.


What is Emergency Lighting?

Emergency and exit lights are essential in case of an emergency in your workplace, building, or premises. These lights illuminate exits and ensure staff and visitors can find their way to an exit easily, even in conditions of low visibility.

Emergency lighting refers to exit lights that illuminate safe exit points and standby lights that come on automatically when there is a power failure. These systems are referred to as maintained and non-maintained lighting, and both are crucial for safe evacuation in an emergency situation

Emergency lighting is a requirement in a range of public and private premises, including office buildings, hotels, wholesale and retail shops, restaurants and bars, schools, and more.

Why choose Brisbane Fire Services?

Compliant Lighting

Brisbane Fire Services can ensure you have emergency lights in all the right places to not only meet regulations but also to provide the safest workplace possible.

Fire Safety Experts

Our technicians are experts in Queensland fire safety standards and have been helping businesses across the region maintain compliance for many years.

Emergency Lighting Inspection

Keep your staff and customers safe in the event of an emergency and protect your business from non-compliance by organising an emergency lighting inspection in Brisbane today.

Emergency lighting inspection requirements

As part of our fire protection services, we provide emergency and exit light inspections, testing, lamp replacement and cleaning as per Australian Standard 2293.2.

These requirements stipulate:

Routine 6 and 12 monthly inspection and testing to ensure relevant compliance requirements are being met, accurately recorded and conducted.
A manual discharge test to simulate power failure must be carried out on each 6 and 12 monthly routine tests.
The light must stay illuminated for no less than 90 minutes to be in working order.
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