About Us

Brisbane Fire Services is a small, family owned and operated company in Brisbane, servicing the South East QLD region. We provide fire safety services to help protect the things that are most important to you.

Our Team

Our friendly, experienced and QBCC accredited staff deliver the systems, products, inspections and testing, and certification to ensure a safe workplace that meets applicable fire safety regulations, Australian Standards and workplace health and safety regulations.

Our Company

We pride ourselves on providing a reliable and comprehensive fire safety service, giving our customers everything they need to be fully compliant and most importantly, safe.

If you’d like to know a little more about us and what we provide, keep reading below.

Brisbane Fire Services install and maintain the following:

Fire Extinguishers & Fire Blankets
Fire Hose Reels
Fire Hydrants
Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
Exit & Emergency Lights
Emergency Procedures, Manuals & Plans

Why Service Your Fire Equipment Regularly?

There are plenty of reasons to service your fire equipment, but one of the most obvious is that Queensland Government regulations (Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008) require fire equipment to comply with a standard of performance and to be regularly tested, serviced and maintained by an approved service provider.

Don’t wait until it is too late!

Brisbane Fire Services ensures that your fire equipment and systems are regularly tested, serviced and maintained in accordance with applicable fire regulations & Australian Standards 1851-2012.

We carry out repairs and replace components where required and provide friendly advice for your premises to meet fire regulations & Australian Standards.

We also record all work performed at your site and issue a maintenance record for the work carried out.

Why contact us?

We pride ourselves on providing an extremely reliable and professional service to all our customers and are keen to demonstrate how we can deliver for you. Please call 0499 198 427 to learn more about us and what we can offer.

What Fire Extinguisher for which Fire?

We can provide friendly & professional advice on which extinguisher best suits the risks for your premises and those required to meet relevant legislation, OH&S requirements and Australian Standards.

Choosing the right extinguisher can be confusing, and this is where the experience of Brisbane Fire Services is invaluable. You need advice you can trust.

No matter if you’re in North or South Brisbane or anywhere in Greater Brisbane, if you’re looking for fire extinguishers and fire extinguisher servicing then we can help you.

There are several types of portable fire extinguishers available in Australia and each one does a different job. In some cases, particular extinguishers are not only considered ineffective against certain classes of fire, they can be outright dangerous if used in those circumstances.

Portable fire extinguishers come in a range of sizes and ratings. The higher the rating, the larger the fire it can be used on. Each type of extinguisher may be rated for one or more classes of fire. Larger and heavier extinguishers (which generally have the higher ratings) can be more difficult to handle, especially for persons of a lighter build.

We’ll work with you in establishing the type of fires your business could expect and then assist in providing the correct equipment. Here’s some of the types of fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment we provide:

Air-Water Fire Extinguishers
Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers
Carbon Dioxide (CO)
Foam Fire Extinguishers
Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers
Mobile Wheeled Fire Extinguishers
Fire Blankets
Fire Hose Reels

Service & Maintenance

There are few things more dangerous than fire, which is why we take protecting you and your business so seriously.

We understand the importance of maintaining relationships and trust, that’s why we pride ourselves on providing our customers with valuable information and practical fire safety solutions to ensure your premises achieves regulatory compliance in a cost effective manner.

Our experienced technicians carry out testing of fire equipment in accordance with the QLD development code MP6.1, Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 and all relevant Australian Standards.

Fire Assessments

In Queensland, the building occupier is required by law to engage an appropriately qualified person to assess essential safety systems annually, including fire systems.

Brisbane Fire Services conduct building and site compliance surveys in accordance with the QCD MP6.1 and Australian Standards 1851:2012. This survey provides detailed information on the level of compliance for equipment installed.

This includes an assessment of the fire safety equipment currently present in a building and identification of any additional equipment required by relevant Australian Standards and Building Regulations.

These reports will help you achieve fire safety certification and can help us identify what fire protection equipment is needed in your premises.

Brisbane Fire Services are approved to complete the following services in accordance with QBCC:

  • Install and maintain portable fire fighting appliances.
  • Maintain, but not including inspecting and testing, fire hose reel systems downstream of the point of attachment of the fire hose to the drum.
  • Inspect and test unpumped fire hose reel systems.
  • Inspect and test unpumped fire hydrant systems, restricted to carrying out the tasks mentioned in the 6–monthly fire hydrant service schedules under AS 1851.
  • Inspect and test portable fire fighting appliances.

The scope of work for licensees who transitioned from the 'fire hydrants and hose reels - inspect and test' licence class also temporarily includes, until 31 October 2021, the former scope of work (inspect and test of fire hydrants and hose reels). From 1 November 2021, licensees will require an additional class to perform the full scope of work contained in the former class.

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