Fire Hydrant Testing

March 26, 2021

Fire Hydrant Testing is Essential for Fire Preparedness

Annual fire hydrant testing ensures your hydrant can respond to fire emergencies. Ensuring you maintain it in working order allows responders to extinguish flames efficiently, thus reducing the damaged caused by an unexpected fire.

What You Should Know About Fire Hydrant Flow Tests

Three key items to know about fire hydrant flow testing:

  • Hydrants must be installed, tested, and have preventative maintenance performed on them as per Australian Standards 1851-2012. The installation, testing and maintenance must be completed by qualifies technicians to be compliant with the standards. Our team of qualified technicians have the knowledge and experience not only to install, test and maintain your hydrant, but to answer your questions about the system and the standards.
  • Your hydrant and hose reel must be inspected every six months. This regularity is to ensure there are no obstructions or other damage that would impact equipment performance during a fire emergency. Hydrant testing must be completed annually to ensure water is present and that it flows properly.
  • When there are multiple hydrants in one location, we conduct the flow test on the hydraulically disadvantaged hydrant, which is the one furthest away from the main feed, and therefore the has to work the hardest to create and maintain water pressure.

Fire hydrants are essential for controlling and extinguishing fires, as they provide water at the correct pressure to extinguish the fire efficiently. It is for this reason that both hydrants and hoses must be adequately maintained, and regularly tested.

Related Services We Provide to Hydrant Flow Test

A fire system is more than hydrants and hoses, at Brisbane Fire Services, we will:

  • Install and maintain fire safety equipment and lighting. We work with you to ensure you have working fire extinguishers, hose reels, and fire hydrant alarm systems in your workplace. Exit and emergency lights are necessary during an emergency to ensure everyone knows how to exit the building. You must complete periodic inspections, testing, and cleaning under the Australian Standard 2293.2. Our team can manage this schedule so that you can focus on your business.
  • Our team delivers essential fire safety courses. Select from a range of courses, such as First Response (First Attack) Fire Training, General Occupant Training, and Site Evacuation Exercises. Training and safety drills should be a part of your company’s emergency response plan. Training staff to respond appropriately during an emergency, including understanding how and where to exit the building, will reduce injuries and damage.
  • There are several types of portable fire extinguishers, each for a different job. We help you determine the type and size of extinguishers you must have in your workplace. You must have the proper equipment to control and extinguish fires in your building. These could range from air-water fire extinguishers, dry powder fire extinguishers, or wet chemical fire extinguishers. Fire blankets and hose reels may also be beneficial for your location.

Why Trust Brisbane Fire Services Regarding Fire Hydrant Testing in Brisbane

Brisbane Fire Services is a family-owned and operated business, offering prompt and efficient services for our clients. Our technicians are experienced, and trade qualified to perform the services we provide to our commercial and residential clients.

Ensure your hydrants are working correctly, book a test with one of our technicians.

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