Emergency Exit Light Inspection Requirements

March 26, 2021

Fire safety doesn’t just involve having a working fire extinguisher. There are many things that commercial businesses must have to meet fire safety standards and also to ensure that they and their employees are safe.

Emergency exit lighting provides safe directions to ensure people can escape a building in times of emergency. They are particularly important when there is low lighting, like when there is a power outage or low visibility.

In the instances of a building fire or other emergency situation, one of the first things that can be affected is the main power. When this is compromised, it makes it difficult to exit a building safely. This is why emergency exit lighting is imperative.

Like other fire safety equipment, there are emergency exit light inspection requirements that all commercial businesses need to follow. Here’s a run-down.


Emergency exit light inspection requirements

  • Periodic inspections of exit lighting are required, as well as testing, tube replacement and cleaning as per Australian Standard 2293.2.
  • These periodic emergency light testings must occur at 6 and 12 month intervals.
  • Testing and inspection should be accurately recorded and conducted by licenced professionals, and ensure that all relevant compliance requirements are being met.
  • A manual discharge test is required to simulate power failure at the 6 and 12 monthly routine tests. In this test, the light must stay illuminated for no less than 90 minutes to ensure it is in working order.


Benefits of emergency exit light testing 

There are many benefits to exit and emergency light testing. Take a look at the key benefits to you and your business below.

Ensures safety – The safety of yourself and others is paramount. As a business owner or manager, it is your responsibility to make sure the workplace is safe for all involved and this includes fire safety.

Testing your exit lighting and other fire safety equipment ensures that they are in working order and prepared to handle emergency fire situations. Having a safe and clear path for emergency exit can make the difference between everyone getting out of a building in minutes and people getting trapped inside

Ensures you are compliant – Not only is it important to keep everyone safe, but there are requirements that all commercial businesses must follow to be compliant with the law. If you are not compliant it poses a safety risk, but it also means you are at risk of receiving a fine. It saves you time and money in the long run to stay on top of regular inspections and testing.

Convenient – Using a professional inspection and testing service is the most convenient way to stay on top of your testing. They not only provide licenced and fully compliant inspections but they can manage your inspection schedule for you, so you don’t have to remember when the next one should be and organise it yourself. At Brisbane Fire Services, everything is done for you.

Keeps you prepared – Testing and inspections of exit lighting are also a good reminder to keep yourself and your team abreast of fire safety protocols. Sometimes you need a refresher on safety procedures so that you are fully prepared if an emergency were to occur. At Brisbane Fire Services, we also offer fire training and assessments for your premises, which can help to keep you up to date with safely handling emergency situations and safety equipment. Our training includes First Response (First Attack) Fire Training, General Occupant Training, Site Evacuation Exercises, Emergency Procedures, Manuals & Plans, and Fire Safety Adviser (FSA) Representation.


Why Brisbane Fire Services?

As a Brisbane-based business, we have firsthand knowledge of fire safety requirements in Brisbane and the state of Queensland, as well as an understanding of the conditions that Brisbane commercial businesses may face.

We are a small, family owned company providing fire safety services to help protect your businesses and everyone inside it. Our staff are QBCC accredited and experienced to deliver fire systems, products, inspections and testing, as well as certifications to make sure workplaces are compliant with fire safety regulations, Australian Standards and workplace health and safety standards.

If you’re a new business owner or moving into a new premises and you’re worried about being compliant, we can assess your premises, recommend the proper equipment and placement to be compliant, install fire safety equipment and then carry out regular inspections and testing. We take care of everything, from start to finish.

When it comes to emergency lighting, we know all the right placements to meet regulations but also make the safest working environment possible. We know where you need exit lights and what kind of lights you require, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We hope this article has answered your questions about the emergency exit light inspection requirements for businesses in Brisbane. If you have any questions about our services or compliance requirements, you can ask our friendly team here.

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